Stock Indicator Analysis Research Group
Adding Synergy to the Stock Market



Stock Chart Indicators

This is only a start - we now must combine and evaluate against Major Indexes and Fundamentals for our input and output responses.

Advance Decline Line
Aroon Down
Aroon Oscillator
Aroon Up
Average Change
Average Negative Change
Average of Volume ROC
Average Positive Change
Average True Range
Bill Williams Profitunity
Bill Williams' Squat Bar Variables
Bollinger Band Percent
Bollinger Band Width
Bollinger Lower Band
Bollinger Middle Band New!
Bollinger Upper Band
Breadth Advance/Decline
Chaikin A/D Oscillator
Chaikin Money Flow
Chaikin Volatility Indicator
Chande Momentum Oscillator
Cole's Rally Day
Cole's Reaction Day
Commodity Channel Index (CCI) New!
Cutler's Relative Strength Index
Daily Volume Index
Directional Movement Index (DMI) or Average Directional Index (ADX)   New!
DPO (Detrended Price Oscillator)
Ease Of Movement
Elder-Ray Bear Power
Elder-Ray Bull Power
Exponential Moving Average
Exponential Moving Averages Difference
Fibonacci Extensions   New!
Fibonacci Retracements    New!
Fifty percent Principle   New!
Fosback's Unchanged Issues
Highest Value
Historical Volatility Indicator
Historical Volatility (10)
Historical Volatility (100)
Hughes Breadth Index
Lagged Exponential Moving Average
Lagged Exponential Moving Averages Difference
Lagged Line Weighted Moving Average
Lagged Line Weighted Moving Averages Difference
Lagged Moving Average
Lagged Moving Averages Difference
Lagged Value
Line Weighted Moving Average
Line Weighted Moving Averages Difference
Linear Regression Indicator
Linear Regression Slope
Linear Regression Sqd
Lowest Value
MACD Indicator
Market Facilitation Index (MFI)
Market Facilitation Index 1 (MFI * 100)
Martin Pring St Filtering System
McClellan Oscillator
McClellan Summation Index
Median Price
Midpoint levels (M1. M2, M3, M4)   New!
Money Flow Index (MFI)    New!
Money Flow Index (MFI) Alert   New!
Morris Daily Pressure
Morris Intraday Accumulator
Moving Average Difference
Multivote OBV
Negative Changes Count
Negative Changes Sum
Nicoski Index
OBV - Raw
OBV Midpoint
OBV Oscillator
OBV with Average Volume
On Balance Volume
On Balance Volume with Variable Smoothing
PAIN (Price Action Indicator)
Parabolic SAR   New!
Parabolic SAR Alert   New!
Percent Change
Performance Indicator
Period Volatility Percentage
Pivot Point Camarilla`s New!
Pivot Point DeMark's New!
Pivot Point Floor New!
Pivot Midpoints New!
Pivot Point Woodie's New!
Positive and Negative Changes Counts Difference
Positive Changes Count
Positive Changes Sum
Price Oscillator Percentage Difference
Price Oscillator Points
Price Oscillator Points Difference
Price Rate-Of-Change Indicator
Price Rate-Of-Change Points Indicator
Price Volume Rank
Price Volume Trend
Qstick Indicator
Rainbow Band Lower
Rainbow Band Upper
Rainbow Oscillator
Rainbow Maximum
Rainbow Minimum
Range Difference
Resistance levels (R1, R2, R3)   New!
RSI Crossover Indicator
Simple Moving Average (SMA)
Smooth Acc/Dist
Standard Deviation
Stochastic Oscillator
Stochastic Oscillator and RSI Alert
Support lines (S1, S2, S3)   New!
Swing High
Swing Low
Tomas Demark -max
Tomas Demark -min
Total Volatility
TRIX Indicator
Typical Price
Ulcer Index   New!
Ultimate Oscillator   New!
Ultimate Oscillator Alert   New!
Up Volatility - Down Volatility
Up/Down Volume
Variable Length Average
Vertical Horizontal Filter
Volatility (annualized)
Volatility (dispersion changes)
Volatility (percent changes)
Volume % +/- Average
Volume (#std deviations)
Volume & Price Accumulator
Volume Accumulator
Volume Accumulator (Chaikin)
Volume Line Variation
Volume Oscillator Percentage
Volume Oscillator Points
Volume Rate-Of-Change Percentage
Volume Rate-Of-Change Points
Volume Rating
Volume Reversal
Volume Reversal Alerts
Volume Weighted RSI - MFI
Weighted Close Indicator
Whipple Volume Average
Whipple Volume Plot
Wilder RSI Indicator
Williams %R


Broadening Bottoms, down breakout
Broadening Bottoms, up breakout
Broadening Formations, Right-Angled and Ascending,down breakout
Broadening Formations, Right-Angled and Ascending, up breakout
Broadening Formations, Right-Angled and Descending, down breakout
Broadening Formations, Right-Angled and Descending, up breakout
Broadening Tops, down breakout
Broadening Tops, up breakout
Broadening Wedges, Ascending, down breakout
Broadening Wedges, Ascending, up breakout
Broadening Wedges, Descending, down breakout
Broadening Wedges, Descending, up breakout
Bump-and-Run Reversal Bottoms, up breakout
Bump-and-run Reversal Tops, down breakout
Cup-with-Handle, Inverted, down breakout
Cup-with-Handle, up breakout
Diamond Bottoms, down breakout
Diamond Bottoms, up breakout
Diamond Tops, down breakout
Diamond Tops, up breakout
Double Bottoms, Adam & Adam, up breakout
Double Bottoms, Adam & Eve, up breakout
Double Bottoms, Eve & Adam, up breakout
Double Bottoms, Eve & Eve, up breakout
Double Tops, Adam & Adam, down breakout
Double Tops, Adam & Eve, down breakout
Double Tops, Eve & Adam, down breakout
Double Tops, Eve & Eve, down breakout
Flags, down breakout
Flags, High and Tight, up breakout
Flags, up breakout
Head-and-Shoulders Bottoms, Complex, up breakout
Head-and-Shoulders Bottoms, up breakout
Head-and-Shoulders Tops, Complex, down breakout
Head-and-Shoulders Tops, down breakout
Horn Bottoms, up breakout
Horn Tops, down breakout
Islands Reversals, down breakout
Islands Reversals, up breakout
Islands, Long, down breakout
Islands, Long, up breakout
Measured Move Down
Measured Move Up
Pennants, down breakout
Pennants, up breakout
Pipe Bottom, up breakout
Pipe Tops, down breakout
Rectangles Bottoms, down breakout
Rectangles Bottoms, up breakout
Rectangles Tops, down breakout
Rectangles Tops, up breakout
Rounding Bottoms, up breakout
Rounding Tops, down breakout
Rounding Tops, up breakout
Scallops, Ascending and Inverted, up breakout
Scallops, Ascending, down breakout
Scallops, Ascending, up breakout
Scallops, Descending, down breakout
Scallops, Descending, up breakout
Scallops, Inverted and Descending, down breakout
Three Falling Peaks, down breakout
Three Rising Valleys, up breakout
Triangles, Ascending, down breakout
Triangles, Ascending, up breakout
Triangles, Descending, down breakout
Triangles, Descending, up breakout
Triangles, Symmetrical, down breakout
Triangles, Symmetrical, up breakout
Triple Bottoms, up breakout
Triple Tops, down breakout
Wedges, Falling, down breakout
Wedges, Falling, up breakout
Wedges, Rising, down breakout
Wedges, Rising, up breakout